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The First Flowers Of Spring 2011 On Virginia’s Eastern Shore. They’re Here At Last !

Monday, February 28th, 2011
Picture of deep pink camillias with golden centers and deep green leaves.

Such show-offs ! Early Eastern Shore of Virginia pink camellias with blazing gold centers, nestled among leaves of deep, deep green.

I’m not sure what it is about the first blossoms of Spring that I find so exciting,  invigorating actually.  We have such a moderate climate, 4 mild seasons,  here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia so it’s not as if we have suffered through 5 months of  the miserable freezing  weather that folks to the north and mid-west have endured.  After all, the temperature here is going to be nearly 70 degrees  today while a customer who just visited from Connecticut reported that it was snowing when they left to come down here last Friday !  And most of our winter days are sunny and pretty mild.  So really,  bad weather is  not the reason that seeing the camellias begin to bloom  puts a smile on my face every year,  but smile I do.  

Masses of pink camellia bushes at Bay Creek Golf Resort in first Spring bloom.

Throughout Bay Creek Golf Resort, masses of red and pink camellias have begun their annual Spring Show, delighting property owners and guests.

My  ” Camellia Watch”  starts not too long after New Year’s– about the middle of January I start to think, well– the camellias will be blooming pretty soon.  And by the middle of February I am truly longing for the bright reds and deep pinks of the very first flowers.  Near our Machipongo office we have a huge bush,  at least 30 maybe even 40 years old, which seems to have literally nearly a thousand blossoms every year,  in a very pale, delicate shade of  pink.  I have  several at home, both the fall blooming as well as the spring blooming,  but they are still small as camellias are  slow growers.  Number Three Daughter who lives in Cheriton, a tiny town about 5 minutes from Cape Charles,  has at least 10 amazing spring blooming camellias.  Their house was built about 1925 so their plants are  fairly old and quite large,  really more like trees than bushes,  unbelievably spectacular when they flower.  She has one variety which is quite unusual, a variegated red and white,  a  late spring bloomer,  and it puts on a real show every year !    ( I’ll post a picture when it blooms,  it’s worth seeing if you love flowers.)  One of my favorite places to see masses and masses of  blooming camellias is at  Bay Creek Golf Resort in Cape Charles, Virginia, which has just amazing landscaping throughout.  The  roads are built  with  one-way lanes  and wide  medians separate  the two lanes.   The medians are  lushly landscaped  with a huge variety of  showy plants that bloom throughout the spring and fall and  the colorful  “Knock-out”  variety roses which bloom here from early spring until very late fall.  Needless to say, the camellias there are simply gorgeous,  massed under tall pines and hardwoods. ( One of the benefits of buying a home at Bay Creek is that the landscaping throughout is so beautiful,   it’s just eye candy all the way home !  )   So, it’s official  !    The robins are here, a few gold finches have already been seen and the brightly colored flowers  of  camellia japonica  have stamped  their imprimatur upon the landscape.  Spring has sprung on Virginia’s Eastern Shore !      P.S.   Check out   for some great gardening tips on gardening on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Step Into A Slower Pace of Life By Purchasing A Beach Access Home On The Eastern Shore Of Virginia

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
3 bedroom beach access home near Cape Charles, Virginia

Live The Sweet Beach Life In This Beach Access Home Near Cape Charles, Virginia

It’s nice to have the Virginia Eastern Shore alternative to the hectic pace of   life found in so many other areas.  If you’ve already done the bright lights,  loud music and hustle-bustle of city  life and are longing to own a property in a waterfront  area offering  a slower pace of life,  the  Eastern Shore alternative offers both yesteryear charm and a relaxed coastal atmosphere.  Dotted with little villages founded in Virginia’s  Colonial era and  small Victorian towns packed with history,  our area is clearly a great place for  history buffs.  But our great asset is our shoreline,  miles and miles and miles of beautiful saltwater shoreline,  a boater’s delight and  a fishing paradise.   But if  what you really love is a pristine beach,  swimming and beachcombing,  then a beach access home on Virginia’s Eastern Shore may be just  the thing to bring out your Inner Mermaid.

Chesapeake Bay Sunsets Every Evening, A Free Show By Mother Nature

If you are looking for the inspiration and relaxation that can come with owning a beach home,  look no further than this custom designed home  by the Sater architectural group,  ( ),   a leading designer of  award winning homes throughout the US.  Part of the Sater Cottage Collection,  this  3000 square foot,  3 bedroom,  2 and a half bath home  built in 2006 is absolutely just like new.   Top quality materials building materials  including granite counters in the kitchen and hardwood and ceramic floors throughout, recessed lighting and a wonderful window package.  Perfect for entertaining and guests,  this home  features a well flowing  floor plan and boasts  two master suites with balconies and french doors. The emphasis in this home is on comfortable and casual living,  care-free and very  low maintenance.  The exterior is Hardie Board  ( )  which  is an amazing  low maintenance material with a most  attractive appearance.  Sited on approximately 1 acre, the property also incorporates  low maintenance landscaping.  Located in a tiny upscale beach neighborhood about 10 minutes from the quaint Victorian town of  Cape Charles, Virginia this deeded beach access home is within easy walking distance of the wide sandy neighborhood beach.  And while you are out on the beach,  plan to set some time aside to enjoy the blazing sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay,  a nightly show of spectacular, intense  color.  Listed by Blue Heron Realty Co.  ( ) at  just under $400,000,  this home is truly the perfect place to start exploring your Inner Mermaid– and just in time to make  Summer  2011  the  slow paced yet  exciting sweet- beach- life  summer you’ve always dreamed of  !

The Sesquicentennial…… Commemorating The Civil War Fallen

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Sesquicentennial- 150th Anniversary of the Civil War

I now know that the  “Sesquicentennial”  is the 150th  anniversary of  the start of the Civil War.  But if  someone had asked me last December what it referred to,  I would have had to say that I had absolutely no idea .   Lame guess,  maybe a newly discovered manuscript by James Mitchner,  a follow-up to his best seller, Centennial  ?    Or a new postage stamp,  commemorating who knows what ?  Nix to both.  However,  an interesting  article in the January, 2011  issue of Virginia Business   magazine,  entitled “Fighting For Attention”  has enlightened me as to not only the meaning of that tongue twisting word but outlined some of the  many Virginia events planned for the Sesquicentennial.   Who knew ?  According to the Virginia Business article,  tourism commissions across the states which actively fought in the Civil War knew,  especially the Virginia Tourism Commission which hopes to fill hotel rooms all across the state for the many,  many special Sesquicentennial events planned in venues all around the state. The observances will be commemorations rather than celebrations  ” because of the destruction and the great loss of life caused by the Civil War.  Greater emphasis… will also be placed on the emancipation of  slaves”.

Commemorative statue of President Lincoln and son Tad at the Richmond Battlefield Visitor Center

It’s easy to understand why there’s going to be a lot planned in Virginia because Richmond, Virginia was,  of course,  the capitol of the Confederacy.  And almost 60 % of the battles of the Civil War were fought on Virginia soil. I’m pretty sure that most people, ( even if they, like myself, are not Civil War buffs), have heard of the very  famous Civil War battles fought in Virginia– the Battles of Bull Run, the battle  near Norfolk  between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia ( which was built using the hull of the USS Merrimac),  the Battle at New Market and the siege of Petersburg and Richmond.  Of course,  the War ended at the Courthouse in Appomattox County, Virginia where Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant.  And ten days before his assassination,  President Lincoln and his son Tad traveled to Richmond as one of  Lincoln’s  first steps in his  plan to start to  “bind the Nation’s wounds.”  ( A great deal of information can be found on various  Civil War Trails sites at  According to Virginia Business,  the Civil War Trails program now includes  over 300+ Civil War sites in 80+ Virginia localities. ) 

The Confederate White House Located On Clay Street, Richmond, VA

Several large events are being planned including a July, 2011 re-inactment of the First Battle at Bull Run  ( ). Many other special  events are  being scheduled in the Richmond, Virginia area, which was essentially ground zero for the Civil War,  the location of the Confederate White House   (   ) .  The  most prominant  Sesquicentennial event closest to Virginia’s Eastern Shore will take place in  in Norfolk, Virginia.   The  Harrison Opera House is offering a production entitled “Rappahannock County” , a musical,  which will also be a featured part of  Norfolk’s annual Virginia Virginia Arts Festival.   (   )  “Rappahannock County” opens on April 12th and  the previews  seem quite interesting.   What,  if anything,  is being planned for  the Eastern Shore of Virginia, I don’t know as of yet but I will check it out.   Actually, I think it was pretty quiet here during the Civil War,  a few soldiers headquartered in Eastville,  the same in Accomac.  But I am going to follow-up with Dr. Miles Barnes, curator of the Eastern Shore Room at the Eastern Shore Public Library,  for a little more detail on the Civil War on the Eastern Shore.    And I’ll post anything interesting which may be planned here on  the Eastern Shore for the  Sesquicentennial.

Winter Water Warriors– Chilling For Charity, The Cape Charles, Virginia “February FREEZE” !

Saturday, February 19th, 2011
Dashing into the Chesapeake Bay in February for Habitat for Humanity charity event

Out They Go! Cape Charles, Virginia's "February Freeze" charity event for Habitat for Humanity

Last  Saturday  (February 12,2011)  I decided that if I wasn’t brave enough to sport my bathing suit in 50 degree weather and go for a dip in 42 degree  salty waters of the Chesapeake Bay,   that the very least I could do was to  support those who were brave enough.  This was the 15th Annual  “February Freeze”,  a winter splash  from the Cape Charles beach into the chilly waters of the Chesapeake Bay  to benefit  The Eastern Shore  Branch of  Habitat for Humanity.  Cape Charles’  beachfront was buzzing with both participants and spectators,  all laughing and chattering away, waiting for the start gun.   Since it was low tide at the start time,  I was able to stand out on a small sandbar,  wrapped in  a  heavy jacket and armed with my  camera and video Flip,  and look  back at the winter water warriors standing at the ready at  water’s edge… waiting  and freezing,  freezing and waiting.    Clearly,  they don’t call it the “February Freeze”  for nothing !   I just couldn’t even imagine myself standing in the  wind,  on the beach,  in my bathing suit,  much less actually getting  wet.  The official Dip was to take place at noon but I think the actual start time ended up being 12:10 pm.  One might think a only ten minute delay was pretty punctual but not when you are properly dressed,  in a bathing suit,  for the Dip,  but not for the actual weather, which that day included winds blowing at 15  knotts !

Victor Abrahamian takes a shallow swim in the Chesapeake Bay at Cape Charles for Habitat for Humanity charity event

Victor Abrahamian wows the crowd watching from the beach with a full body swim at the 2011 Cape Charles "February Freeze"

From start to finish,  the 2011 February Freeze took  just about  two minutes.  Last to leave the water was Victor Abrahamian , no surprise,  Victor having been a swim coach for 44 years . Victor was looking forward to really getting wet,  and proceeded  to wow the crowd by taking  a shallow swim as he made his way back to the Cape Charles beach.    All in all,  about  44  brave souls participated,  winter water warriors each and every one of them,   raising  over 4,700.00  dollars from this charity event for Habitat for Humanity. Eastern Shore Habitat for Humanity And each participant  who raised over $ 35.00  was rewarded with a delicious and steaming hot lunch.     What a great cause but what a crazy event !   Yet as I left the beach Saturday, I thought to myself,  possibly,  just maybe,  next year.  We’ll see.    Maybe…

Too Early To Book Your Beach Vacation Rental Home In Cape Charles, Virginia ?

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Fun, sun and sand on the beach in Cape Charles, Virginia

No,  it’s never too early to book a beach vacation rental home in quaint Cape Charles or anywhere on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for that matter !   I personally believe that the anticipation of a fun event is actually half the pleasure  ( or if not half,  at least a  lot ).  Part of the fun, of course, is perusing the options.  How many people are going to be in our  group  ?   How big of a house  ?  Is overlooking the beach important or  is  being  a block or two away fine ?  Figuring all this out really gets the ole neurons firing and a lot of exciting conversation going.  Once all that is figured out,  time to start looking at the pretty pictures— pictures of the house,  the bedrooms, the kitchen, the great room and of course, critically, the  beach and, of course,  the location, the state and town.  And making summertime plans now helps chase away some of the winter blahs  !  Definitely I  am not an impartial observer, but I do think that Cape Charles offers everything that a coastal vacation should include: beach,  boating,  golf,  shopping, restaurants, entertainment,  all at a peaceful pace  in a quaint, small coastal town setting,  your launch point for great  vacation adventures and memories.   (  Certainly many a person has  liked  Cape Charles so much they decided  to buy a home of  their  own there and join  our vacation rental program.)  

 Once you’ve made your selection,  then let the fun really start as the  “Countdown to Summer”  begins.   I know a lot of people likely agree with this because many of our beach vacation weekly rental homes are currently getting lots of inquiries and it’s only mid-February.  Because of our moderate year-round climate,  on the Eastern Shore of Virginia,  the temperates all week are  going to be 50+ degrees under sunny blue skies.  In a week or two,  our  first camellias will be bursting  into bloom,  bringing glorious shades of pinks, violets, reds,  even variegated reds and whites to winter weary yards.    But in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and points further north,  it’s still very cold outside and many  folks are probably staring out the window at a couple feet of unmelted snow and stark bare trees.  ( I had a customer tell me the other day that his Christmas yard decorations are frozen fast to the ground, no idea when he’ll be able to wrestle them out. )  So I think there is something really cheery about planning a beach vacation,  anticipating relaxing in the warm golden sun, reading  your book, listening to music,  musing  what to BBQ  for dinner after everyone gets back from the beach as all the while  outside the winds are howling and the snow drifts are practically up to the eves !

This year Blue Heron Realty Co. is  offering 3 homes which overlook  the beach in the town of  Cape Charles, Virginia Historic District.  More details for each can be found on our website, , click on the vacation rentals  tab in the top navigation bar but here are the basics for those 3 beach  homes:

  • Bay Breeze: Overlooks the beach, sleeps 10 in 5 bedrooms, huge front porch. $2250/week in season. Contact Heather Brady, , 757-678-6099
  • Chesapeake Sunset Beauty: Overlooks beach, sleeps 10  in 4 bedrooms,  front porch and upstairs veranda. $2500/week in season.  Contact Eva Noonan, ,  757-615-8700.
  • Bay Cottage: Overlooks beach, sleeps 6 in 3 bedrooms, front porch. $1200/week in season. Contact Jennifer Ingram, ,  757-615-0231. 

So it’s time to get some neurons crackling making the early decisions about a vacation rental this year and begin the Countdown to all the fun in the sun to be had  this summer in the quaint historic town of Cape Charles, Virginia.

Some Valentine’s Day Dining Possibilities On The Eastern Shore Of Virginia…. All You Need Is Love

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Love is all you need, Love is all you need,  according to the Beatles but with February 14th  fast approaching,  I think it’s time  to start making those dinner reservations  (or planning that special meal)  before it’s too late .   With that in mind,  I decided to see which  restaurants here on Virginia’s Eastern Shore are offering  something special and romantic  for Valentine’s Day 2011.  After some calling around,  here are several of my top picks:

In the town of Cape Charles:

  • Aqua’s – Situated right on the Chesapeake Bay overlooking the Bay Creek Marina,  Aqua’s is offering from Friday thru Monday a fantastic Valentine’s Special.   For $50.00 per couple you’ll  receive: a shared appetizer, a soup or salad for each person, an entree for each person and a  shared dessert to be selected from their special Valentine’s menu.  For reservations, call 757-331-8660
  • Kelly’s Gingernut Pub- Located at 133 Mason Avenue in the heart of the Cape Charles Historic District, Kelly’s offers great food in a casual, fun atmosphere.  For Valentine’s,  Kelly’s is planning  Saturday through Monday, a special Valentine’s Menu which includes a Deconstructed Caesar Salad, Mini Crab Cakes with Corn Relish,  Surf & Turf  (6oz. Filet with your choice of Shrimp or Scallops), Tasmin King Salmon or  Blackened Chicken over Penne Pasta tossed with  Alfredo sauce.  For dessert,  Fried Cheesecake and Fresh Strawberries with Fudge Dip,  totally  yummy.  For the full Valentine’s menu and to make reservations,  please call Kelly’s Gingernut Pub @  757-331-3222.

In EastvilleThe Eastville Inn–  Historic  and very elegant, the  Eastville Inn, circa 1780,  is located at 16422  Courthouse Road and chef Charles Thain is planning a wonderful Valentine’s  feast.   The Valentine’s special for the Eastville Inn is: your choice of soup or salad, your entree or chef’s  special and for dessert, crepes with chocolate mousse and fresh berries, all for $30.00 per person.   Call 757-678-5745 for full menu details and reservations.

In the town of Onancock:

  • Bizzotto’s Gallery-Caffe – Located at  41  Market Street,  Bizzotto’s offers fine dining in a  unique atmosphere. For reservations call 757-787- 3103  .
  • Charlotte Hotel– Located at 7 North Street in Onanacock, the Charlotte Hotel is a delightful boutique hotel which also serves wonderful food.   A little Flirtation, a helping of  Passion and a touch of Afterglow….. these are just some of the special items you’ll find on the Valentine’s menu at the Charlotte Hotel this year !  For reservations,  call 757-787-7400 or check out the full Valentine’s Menu    at

Planning to stay home and prepare dinner yourself  but still haven’t decided on a menu ?  A food show  I am particularly fond of  is The Splendid Table on National Public Radio which can be heard here on Sundays  from 12-1 pm.   Splendid Table bills itself as the NPR  show for people who love to eat .  What can I say,  I love to eat and I love the show…..   At any rate, I looked up their Valentine recipes to see what looked good and  up came  a  menu that sounded  delicious,  with an entree that doesn’t seem overly fussy to prepare.  “Roasted Pork  Tenderloin with Black Olives and Orange- A Feast for Lovers” .    Sounds quite good, actually.  And if you need any help with baking,  the Yellow Duck Bakery on Main Street in Exmore,  757-442- 5909   has several yummy Valentine  dessert items you can special order including  a heart shaped eclair for 2,  filled with their superlative pastry cream and frosted with chocolate ganache.    So,  lots and lots of  luscious opportunites for a delightful Valentine’s meal here on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.   As the Beatles said,  All you need is love, love, love……

Spend Valentine’s Week-end Looking For Your Dream Home In The Romantic Victorian Town Of Cape Charles, Virginia

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

What better week-end to start to look for your dream home than Valentine’s weekend ?  And what better place to start your search than in the romantic  little Victorian town of Cape Charles, Virginia ?   Many times when customers plan to visit the Eastern Shore of Virginia to look for real estate they often would like to slip in a little personal down time as well.  Fortunately,  Cape Charles offers not only a variety of historic homes and lots for sale but it also offers some delightful Bed and Breakfast accommodations as well,  a great combination making for for a terrific week-end.  Right now the Sterling House B&B,  located on Monroe Avenue in the Cape Charles Historic District,   is offering a special promotional rate for Valentine’s week-end guests.

View of the beautiful Sterling House B&B dining room

A spectacular Valentine's breakfast awaits you at Sterling House B&B in Cape Charles, Virginia

Check with them about reserving  the luxurious Jeanette Laverne room, decorated with beautiful Eastern Shore coastal artwork  and  featuring an oversized German antique king-sized bed and separate bathroom with jacuzzi tub.   Or try the Wilma Ashley room,  offering  a queen sized bed and a deep jacuzzi tub, ever so relaxing.  For his Valentine’s promotion,  Steve Hairfield,  proprietor, is offering the second night for 1/2 price.  To  add to the romantic ambiance,  for the ladies,  a  fragrant red rose.   Steve has also  promised a truly spectacular breakfast accompanied by bottomless cups of his delicious steaming hot signature coffee, all  served in the  elegant dining room.  Since Sterling House is just a few steps from the beach, it’s perfect for an invigorating  after-breakfast stroll along the boardwalk,  enjoying just being alive as the waves roll in and seabirds call overhead.  Evening brings dazzling sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay which can be viewed from the B&B’s cozy front porch.  Relax a bit by the fireplace,  then later slip out for a luscious dinner at Aqua’s,  a fine dining restaurant overlooking the Chesapeake Bay,  located only about 5 minutes away. ( )

View of elegant foyer in Victorian Revival home for sale in Cape Charles, VA

Beautifully restored, this historic Victorian home for sale in Cape Charles, VA is perfect for a B&B or personal residence.

As for the real estate part of the week-end,  among our interesting historic homes for sale in  Cape Charles is a  very special  Victorian Revival home.  This 4200 square foot,   7 bedroom,  8 bath home with  detached office/guest house and back garden with hot tub,  is perfect for use as a B&B  ( which it once was)  or simply as a personal residence.  Definitely plenty of room for friends and family !  Numerous windows  create a light-filled home with a very pleasant feel.    Beautifully restored,  this elegant home reflects the best of gracious Virginia living including a stunning front porch,  with columns,  which wraps around the house on three sides.   All the Victorian bells and whistles are evident here,  the painstaking craftsmanship of yesteryear,  intricate moldings, distinctive fireplace and newly refinished hardwood and pine floors.  The chef’s kitchen features a Wolf range with Viking hood plus a large butler’s pantry, making it a snap to whip up anything from a sandwich to a 5 course meal !  (Well, maybe not exactly a snap but easier anyhow…)

And what about available lifestyle amenites ?  This home is located only a few  blocks from the town of Cape Charles’  sparkling sand beach,  wonderful year round.  A boater ?  Access the new state-of-the-art marina or boat launch ramps  only 5 minutes away.   A golfer ?  Two of the top golf courses on the East Coast, an 18 hole  Palmer Signature course and an 18 hole  Nicklaus  Signature course,  stand ready to challenge you year round, located less than 10 minutes away.  Enjoy eating  out ?   Choose from the 7  in-town restaurants, with offerings from fine dining to casual fare,  all  just a  golf cart ride away,  zip, zip, zip !  ( Cape Charles is one of the few towns in Virginia where electric golf carts are “street-legal”. )  Guys and gals,  call Sterling House for your reservation, grab your honey and come on down to the Eastern Shore of Virginia to spend Valentine’s week-end in Cape Charles, one of the most romantic Victorian coastal towns in all of Virginia.  P.S.  Don’t  forget to call Blue Heron Realty Co. to set up your appointment to see our historic homes or other real estate listings. Check out our website to see our beachfront, boating, town & country and farm listings.  Come on down, Valentine’s week-end definitely is the perfect time to begin the search for your dream home or lot.

On The Eastern Shore Of Virginia, It’s Singing In The Rain……. Again !

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

No snowing, no icing, no sleeting, just rain, sweet rain here on Virginia's Eastern Shore today

It  truly feels unreal,  a strange weather disconnect between Virginia’s Eastern Shore and a  wide  areas of nearby states.  Flipping on CNN this morning while waiting for the coffee to brew,  it was just amazing to see the storm pictures on the screen and hear the reported stories.  Thundersnow in Chicago, the snow coming down at 2-3 inches per hour,  with thunder,  lightening and temps near zero.  (Rahm Immanual, you are one strong dude to be battling to return to that climate ! )     Video of 20 inches coming down in Oklahoma,  parts of Wisconsin reporting snow drifts of 10 to 15  feet,  a story of  a snow bank so high in New York that one couple’s dog climbed up the snow and onto their roof  !   Good golly, Miss Molly !    6000 +   flights cancelled because of this storm,  must be close to a record.   It made me shiver to just hear these stories.  Santa, please, please,  please,  bring  all these  folks gift certificates for some  artic weight Patagonia long johns next year !

Then I opened the door to let the dogs out,  took a tentative step onto the wet deck,  a few puddles there from the rain last night and a light sprinkle on- going this morning, fog obscuring views across the water  but temperature-wise, quite mild,  definitely no Patagonia long johns needed here.  (Although I have to say that Youngest Son loves  Patagonia shirts and slacks,  absolutely swears by them,  so I’m pretty familiar with the Christmas gift certificate thingy.  Check them out at  Then a quick boot-up of  the computer confirmed a very nice day for us in the offing, temperatures here on the Eastern Shore expected to be in the 60’s today  and hovering between the 40’s and 50’s  the rest of the week.  But the weather map showed a nasty streak of deep purple across our neighboring states,  signs of the huge ice storm which is brewing up trouble today.   Freezing rain and sleet is expected to leave up to an inch of ice  in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and  into New England,  which will also be hammered with still more snow.  A bit of trivia– ,  my go-to  web weather source whose headline today is  ” New Month, Same Report : Major Winter Storm On Tap”,  explains that the reason that ice storms cause so many power outages is that a mere 1/2 inch of ice on a  utility wire weighs 500 pounds.  It’s no wonder that  the inch of ice expected to accumulate today in those areas is expected to create significant power outages.     

After nearly 25 years of enjoying the mild and pleasant 4 season weather  here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, truly I can’t imagine living in a climate where you get pounded every winter by terrible cold weather and the days are usually grey and dreary.   And the snow shoveling, the high heating bills,  the bitter cold would be  bad enough but,  in the end,  I  really, really  just don’t see myself as a Patagonia Long John kind of girl !   No,  give me  a coastal life with weather moderated by the  influences of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean which surround our slender peninsula.    Give me a life with the short mild and sunny winters of  the Eastern Shore of Virginia,  a climate  where farmers start plowing and planting by the first of March.   Give me a life with the long cool springs with camillias that bloom by the end of  February and falls with clear blue skies and gorgeous Indian Summer days.  Give me a life with the golden warm sunshine and tangy salt breezes of  easy-living summers on  Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  In 1608,  Captain John Smith of  the Virginia Company of London fame,  while exploring the areas around what is now Cape Charles, Virginia,  wrote in his journal  that   ” Heaven and Earth never agreed better to frame a place for  man’s habitation” .   True  303 years ago and still true today.  So even though it will be raining here today it won’t  be snowing and blowing or sleeting  and  icing .   So I repeat what I said in my post of January 27th,  I’m singing and smiling about today’s rain here on the  Eastern Shore of Virginia !!     P.S. If  you live in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey,  Connecticut and other nearby areas  and you’ve been dreaming of getting out from under bad weather but want someplace close to easily keep in touch with friends and family,  consider a coastal lifestyle  here on the Shore.  Take a look at our waterfront, water access, golf,  town and county and historic properties  listings on .  P.P.S.  Remember what Capt. Smith said– no better place for man’s habitation !