Winter Water Warriors– Chilling For Charity, The Cape Charles, Virginia “February FREEZE” !

by: Jennifer email
Dashing into the Chesapeake Bay in February for Habitat for Humanity charity event

Out They Go! Cape Charles, Virginia's "February Freeze" charity event for Habitat for Humanity

Last  Saturday  (February 12,2011)  I decided that if I wasn’t brave enough to sport my bathing suit in 50 degree weather and go for a dip in 42 degree  salty waters of the Chesapeake Bay,   that the very least I could do was to  support those who were brave enough.  This was the 15th Annual  “February Freeze”,  a winter splash  from the Cape Charles beach into the chilly waters of the Chesapeake Bay  to benefit  The Eastern Shore  Branch of  Habitat for Humanity.  Cape Charles’  beachfront was buzzing with both participants and spectators,  all laughing and chattering away, waiting for the start gun.   Since it was low tide at the start time,  I was able to stand out on a small sandbar,  wrapped in  a  heavy jacket and armed with my  camera and video Flip,  and look  back at the winter water warriors standing at the ready at  water’s edge… waiting  and freezing,  freezing and waiting.    Clearly,  they don’t call it the “February Freeze”  for nothing !   I just couldn’t even imagine myself standing in the  wind,  on the beach,  in my bathing suit,  much less actually getting  wet.  The official Dip was to take place at noon but I think the actual start time ended up being 12:10 pm.  One might think a only ten minute delay was pretty punctual but not when you are properly dressed,  in a bathing suit,  for the Dip,  but not for the actual weather, which that day included winds blowing at 15  knotts !

Victor Abrahamian takes a shallow swim in the Chesapeake Bay at Cape Charles for Habitat for Humanity charity event

Victor Abrahamian wows the crowd watching from the beach with a full body swim at the 2011 Cape Charles "February Freeze"

From start to finish,  the 2011 February Freeze took  just about  two minutes.  Last to leave the water was Victor Abrahamian , no surprise,  Victor having been a swim coach for 44 years . Victor was looking forward to really getting wet,  and proceeded  to wow the crowd by taking  a shallow swim as he made his way back to the Cape Charles beach.    All in all,  about  44  brave souls participated,  winter water warriors each and every one of them,   raising  over 4,700.00  dollars from this charity event for Habitat for Humanity. Eastern Shore Habitat for Humanity And each participant  who raised over $ 35.00  was rewarded with a delicious and steaming hot lunch.     What a great cause but what a crazy event !   Yet as I left the beach Saturday, I thought to myself,  possibly,  just maybe,  next year.  We’ll see.    Maybe…

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