When we decided to create  a  Blue Heron blog about Virginia’s Eastern Shore we decided that we would have multiple agents and staff members contribute to it rather than have  just one official Blue Heron Realty Co. blogger.   We want this blog to be helpful in understanding our unique and beautiful corner of the world, our slender peninsula,  bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.   Virginia’s Eastern Shore is  still a rural area, (population about 55,000 in a land area slightly smaller than Long Island, NY with a population of millions ) ,  with long farming and watermen traditions.  Our culture began back in 1608  when Captain John Smith,  of Pocahontas fame,  first rowed  ashore  near what is now the little coastal town of Cape Charles,  long before the pilgrims ever  stepped on Plymouth Rock . Shortly after that the Virginia Company of London (of Sir Walter Raleigh fame) began to settle in Northampton County which has the oldest continuous court records in the United States,  dating back to 1634.  

Now, however,   we have little waterfront/ water access  neighborhoods  interspersed among the open spaces of  productive  family farms,  we have over 100 quaint little towns,  mile upon mile of beautiful saltwater coastline,  gorgeous beaches,  the amazing Kiptopeake State Park  on  the shore  of  the Chesapeake Bay  and an exciting new golf resort community anchored by two top-rated signature golf courses,  a Palmer and a Nicklaus.   So we hope this blog will better help you understand what our coastal lifestyle is like,  how it would feel to own  a full-time or leisure home here,  what’s to do,  what’s happening in real estate, what’s going on around town.  Since our staff and agents have various different interests and hobbies we have asked them to blog a bit about some of  these interests and hobbies and  we  plan to invite  some guest bloggers to share their experiences as well.  You can e-mail questions to anyone who has posted on this blog — their e-mail address is next to their name.  We  definitely invite your questions and hope that you will become interested in visiting our area and possibly in becoming  an  Eastern Shore of Virginia neighbor.