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204 Bay Avenue, Cape Charles, Virginia — An Eastern Shore Virginia Home Renovation Journal

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

The Way We Were -- About 1920

Trying to find a  historic  home that was built well and that has maintained all the charm that only time and history can provide is not always  an easy task.  But  that was just exactly what Paul and Kim Chandler were looking for when they asked me to assist them in  locating and purchasing  a historic beach house in the charming waterfront town of Cape Charles, Virginia.  After several trips and eagle-eying a number of  great possibilities,  the Chandler’s ultimately selected 204 Bay Avenue, one of the true  “Grand Dames”  of  Cape Charles.  Built around 1920,  this is a home that had been in the same families for many years– in fact,  the Chandlers are only the third owners of this beautiful property.  

204 Bay Avenue, Cape Charles, VA Getting ready for a face-lift and other cosmetic surgery

Chances are if you have been to Cape Charles you have driven or walked down Bay Avenue.  This beautiful street is embraced on the west  by the Chesapeake Bay and on the east by a line of  the  spectacular historic homes,  the  Grand Dames of Cape Charles,  occupying the choice building spots in the town.  A house on Bay Avenue is the perfect spot for spectacular Chesapeake Bay sunsets and 30 second access to the Cape Charles glistening sand beach.  And one of these  impressive ladies is just about to undergo a much needed face lift.  As with many of the homes in Cape Charles, over the years additions have been made–  for example, on 204 Bay Avenue,   the  portico that is currently attached to the left of the house was not original to the home.  Otherwise, not much else has changed on Bay Avenue since then,  same serene Chesapeake Bay views, same  gorgeous sand beach, same relaxed,  small coastal town feel.

The Grand Dames of Cape Charles overlooking the beach and the Chesapeake Bay

The Chandler’s were kind enough to agree to allow me to blog about the process as they move forward this spring with the actual renovations.  To date,  most of the work already done has involved landscaping.  The grounds,  which were quite overgrown at the time of purchase,  have been tidied,  trees and shrubs have been  pruned , giving a whole different feel to the property.  Vines  were removed which has allowed  sunlight to pour into the house,  making  a big difference to the feel inside.  Just knowing that the first steps have been taken to start this multi- phased project has brought  smiles to the faces of  neighboring property owners !   This Grand Dame is beginning to look quite grand once more.  As work inside starts  moving forward this spring,  I will be posting  some interesting renovation tips and some  “before and after”  photos as we proceed with the 204 Bay Avenue Renovation Journal blog.  And if you are thinking of trying to locate a historic  home  all your own to renovate,  please call  Blue Heron at 757-331-4885 and I will be happy to forward data sheets on some of the very interesting opportunities available at this time.  Or check out some of our  listings of  Victorian homes and historic homes on our website, .