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Seaside Shore Art Adorns Oyster, Virginia Harbor

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Mural in Oyster, Va.

August proved to be an interesting  month for Oyster, Virginia residents when six young artists from the Atlanta, Georgia metro area descended upon this quaint little waterfront village on the Seaside in Virginia’s Eastern Shore.   Perched on the deep water harbor overlooking the huge expanse of emerald green marshes,  tidal sounds and barrier islands is the remains of an old seafood processing plant.  Having roots in graffitti art,  these artists were provided equipment and materials by the building’s  owner and turned loose to “decorate” an eyesore in such a beautiful natural setting. For almost a week they labored under the hot sun and cloudless days to produce a truly unique vision on a virtually unspoiled coastline.  At week’s end,  dozens of curious residents  appeared to unofficially christen this colorful masterpiece of street art.  Even today,  a month later,  the building is attracting to this quiet, hidden village art afficionados and the just plain curiosity seekers who have caught wind of this special mural project.   ( P.S. I have a great waterview house in Oyster which is being offered for sale. Give me a call at 757-331-4558 for details on how you can buy property in this tiny, sleepy seaside town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.)