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Halloween On Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

It seems that kids of all ages  love Halloween,  be it the little ones who dress up in their cute costumes or the big  “kids”  who get the costumes ready and stand by to do the annual   “Trick or Treat”  walking thing.   Here on the southern tip of the Shore,  the most popular place to Trick or Treat is in a little town,  especially in Cape Charles, Virginia or in Cheriton,  just a few miles away.   Since my middle daughter and her family have lived there  since about 1996,  Cheriton has naturally become our official  family Halloween destination,  we are loyal to you,  Cheriton,  dear Cheriton.

Trick or Treating  there generally involves what we  call  “doing the Big Block”.   On the east side of   Bayside Road lies the largest and most compact  residential portion of town,  with just enough little businesses located right on  Bayside Road  to make it the prime   “Treating”  spot for those with little legs that tire easily.   The so-called  “Big Block”   is  actually  two blocks square,  so it’s  still  a pretty good work-out for kids and parents alike.   The great thing about  “doing the  Big Block”  on Halloween  is seeing people you know from business settings just out having fun with their kids,   the kids all having fun seeing their friends  dressed up,  laughing and waving their colorful lite sticks at each other and the residents,  waving to friends on the street,  with carved pumpkins on porches beckening,  providing the sweet,  sweet  rewards.   It’s just plain fun,  good wholesome fun for everyone involved,  kids,  parents  and  homeowners.   So,  see you next Halloween,  Cheriton.