Measuring with Frogs

by: Marlene email

Honey and Pumpkin, Two Sweet Newfys

Like most of the residents of  Virginia’s Eastern Shore,  my daughter has dogs that love the water .  Although most water loving dogs in our area are either labs,  ( yellow,  chocolate or  black)  or the famous Chesapeake Bay retrievers,  my daughter has two Newfoundlands,  a sweet, sweet breed.  Reddish brown rather than the traditional Newfy black,  her  dogs  are an endless source of amusement for  anyone who sees them playing together,  the gentle giant and the  feisty ball of  Newfy puppy fluff.   Pumpkin, who will be two years old next month,  is nearly the size of a small pony.    HoneyBelle,  Honey for short,  now  five months old,  is less than  a quarter of Pumpkin’s size.   But when they wrestle,  as they love to do,  Pumpkin is so sweet and patient with her,  the smart money is on Honey to win.    Aside from taking them to the vet where their official weights are duly noted in their records,  my daughter’s  favorite way of measuring them is with frogs.  Which takes a bit of explanation,  obviously.  

Out in the yard,  beneath a  large  Bradford pear tree,  side by side,  sit two yard ornaments,  large  smiling   frogs,  standing comically on their hind legs,  front legs akimbo,  fingers widely splayed  ( can you call them fingers ?).   When Pumpkin was a small  pup,  just 10 weeks old,  she loved smelling around those silly frogs.   One thing led to another and the idea to have her sit beside the frogs and have her picture taken posing  with  them was born.  In the first picture taken,  the frogs towered over Pumpkin.   And  then every  month or so for about the first year,  as  Pumpkin continued to have her picture taken with the frogs,  bit by bit she came abreast and then finally towered over them.  

Measuring with Frogs

 And now it’s Honey’s turn to be measured with frogs,  usually with Pumpkin by her side,  my husband and I  the official leash holders.   Already she  is getting close  the high water mark but the towering time is  months off.   As for future measuring —  Honey  won’t  mind,  she  loves smelling around that  tree and those silly frogs,  just like Pumpkin.

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