It’s De-lightful, It’s De-licious, It’s De-Lovely — A Summer Dinner at Aqua’s at Sunset

by: Marlene email

Aqua's Restaurant At Sunset

I love  having  a  summer dinner at  Aqua’s at sunset,   it’s as magical as an old Cole Porter tune.   On a balmy summer’s eve ,  at a  table on the  deck,  savoring  the de-licious food as the glowing sun nears the horizon  truly is  De-Lovely.   Aqua’s,  located right on the Chesapeake Bay at the southern tip of the Shore in Cape Charles,  is one of a number of waterfront restaurants on the Eastern Shore of Virginia including  the very casual Pelican Pub right on the beach  near Townsend,  Island House in Watchapreague,  Stella’s at Willis Wharf,  Wright’s near Atlantic and  Mallard’s in Onancock , to name a few, but it is my very favorite.  And it seems like my food tastes better accompanied by “watching”– watching the sailboats drift by, observing  the seabirds,  ready for their dinner too, swooping  down to  catch it,  seeing a couple of kayakers  leisurely paddle towards the  shore and,  as the twilight  fades,  seeing the glow and twinklings in  reds and greens of  the channel markers out in the Bay , calling  boaters home  for the night.

The other fun componant of dinner at Aqua’s is that you invariably run into several people you know and it’s fun to catch up on the news with friends  we may not have seem in a while.  I  especially enjoy running into my real estate customers and clients and hearing  about how they are  enjoying  their new lives on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. ( The Shore  is a small  and friendly area, it’s easy to get to know people.  As a realtor,  I meet a lot of people and it seems like  whenever I’m at the grocery store,  etc. I’m always bumping into  someone I know, which is quite  pleasant.)

It goes without saying that the food is delicious.  Although I don’t agree, my husband and youngest son both claim that I am very picky in restaurants.  But what they call  “picky” I call an expectation of  “getting it right”  and at Aqua’s they really do get it right almost every time.    My husband is very fond of  the appetizer  they call  “crab lollipops” which are served with an excellent chipolte aioli.  Because I don’t often prepare  fish at home,  he usually selects  the seared tuna, the blackened mahi-mahi or the mixed seafood grill  for  his entree.   I always peruse the entire menu, consider various selections carefully and  then, since I seldom deep fry at home  either,  usually select the fried  jumbo shrimp.   They come dressed in a feather light batter,  sweet and succulent,  accompanied by a delicious coconut jasmine rice.   Although we usually don’t order dessert,   every once in a while we will indulge in  the smooth and creamy chocolate chip cheesecake,  a  house specialty,  which is indeed quite special.   Aqua  bills itself as “concentrating on fresh regional cuisine” and  as a restaurant “you’ll want to come back to over and over again.”   We agree completely.   For a delicious meal  at sunset,  no place  is more De-lightful,  De-licious or  De-Lovely than  Aqua’s.

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