Looking To Buy Boating Property In Virginia ? Then You Need A Home For Your Boat !

by: Marlene email

Bayside Marina On King's Creek In The Town Of Cape Charles

For many of our customers looking to buy boating  real estate  on Virginia’s Eastern Shore,  finding a home for their boat is as important  as finding a home for themselves.  Well….nearly.  Being a peninsula , with the Chesapeake Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east,  the Eastern Shore of Virginia features mile upon mile of saltwater coastline.  It’s a boater’s dream location !!   From the normally calm waters  of the Chesapeake Bay to the deep swells of the Ocean,  there is a type and depth of water to suit every boater’s requirements.  Our customer’s watercraft range from deep keeled sailboats to kayaks and everything in between including yachts, smaller power boats,  flat bottom scows, pontoon boats and canoes.   And every boater wants to find a nice, comfy home for  their boat.

The three obvious abodes include:   1) A  marina    2) Your own  backyard dock  or   3) On a trailer in your yard   .    Fortunately, the Eastern Shore is well equipped for any and all of those options.  Which option one selects usually depends on boat size and your real estate  budget.

Seaside Marina In The Town Of Willis Wharf

Marinas are an easy choice for any boat owner because they are so convenient and because they can normally accommodate any size boat.   In Northampton County,  two excellent Bayside marinas are located in Cape Charles and  the tiny town of Willis Wharf on the Seaside features a Seaside  marina.  Plus an  86 slip private neighborhood Bayside  marina for residents and guests only   is offered in a tiny community near Cape Charles.  (On the Eastern Shore of Virginia,  the main north-south highway is Lankford Highway, U.S.  Rt. 13.   Everything on the east side of  the highway is referred to as “Seaside” and everything on the west side is referred to as “Bayside”. )   The Bay Creek marina,  located  at the mouth of  King’s Creek as it meets the Chesapeake Bay,   is a new,  full-service,  state of the art facility.   Named by Southern Boating Magazine as  one of its  “Top Ten To Visit”,   it  features floating docks and can accommodate boats up to 150 feet,  with  water,  electricity,  fuel and the Complete Angler,  a  well-stocked marine  store on-site.  Perfect for any boat and within an easy 15-20  minute drive  from almost any property  in Northampton County.  A great home for  boats  !

Berthing Her At Your Backyard Dock

Next place to consider is keeping your boat at your own backyard dock.  This is where the keel meets the water,  so to speak,  because unless your boat’s home  is more important than your own home,   it is critical to match your boat to your property and not vice versa.  Many a customer has come down looking to buy a lot or house on the Eastern Shore of Virginia  thinking they must have at least 3 feet at MLW to accommodate their current  boat.  But then they fell in love with a home that offered only  2 feet at MLW and was not suitable for that particular  boat !  Ah, well … so my advice in these  instances  is that unless one is going to be on the boat more than in the house then it’s better to go the marina route or get a different boat,  one better suited to the backyard home you can provide for it.  Tough advice but someone has to offer it !

A Trailered Boat Goes Everywhere, Fast

Another  very popular option here is to house your boat on a trailer which can be kept in  the yard or garage and pulled  to whichever  spot is hot  that day.  In Virginia,  a boat up to 28 feet can legally be trailered on the highway and a great many very nice boats fit into that  category.  This option is especially popular for those ardent fishermen ( or fisherpersons) who often times want to launch on the Seaside rather than Bayside or the other way round.  Trailering to the preferred boat ramp can save a lot of time and distance.  Fortunately,  we have at least eight different boat launch ramps in Northampton County ranging from the excellent Bayside ramp at Kiptopeake State Park  which puts you right where the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean merge  all the way up to  the Seaside ramp at the Willis Wharf marina at the northern end of the county.    Obviously,  home, home on its trailer  is often a good solution too. 

So rest assured,  if you’re  considering buying property on the  Eastern Shore of Virginia and having it as your home port,   there are a lot of good options here for berthing your boat.  And with hundreds upon  hundreds of miles of  Chesapeake Bay,  Atlantic Ocean and saltwater inlets  to cruise,  we are a boater’s dream come true.   Come on ashore,  matey,  and we’ll  show you some  great homes for sale  for both you and your boat !


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