Considering A “Depth Charge” From The Machipongo Trading Company

by: Marlene email

Normally I have breakfast at home,  something simple,  usually cereal and fruit plus  several cups of my favorite coffee, a  mild hazelnut flavored brew.  (Can you believe it — my husband won’t drink a flavored coffee  or a mild coffee so I also brew a small pot of  a dark Starbucks or some such thing for him.  Ugg. )   Well yesterday I had a very early,  think very, very early,  meeting with a custom builder to walk a beachfront homesite with him for a client and was so  rushed getting out of the house that I left my little coffee thermos  sitting on the kitchen table.   By the time I realized this it was too late to turn around so I had to tramp around the entire lot without my coffee,   trying to be both cheerful and alert,  probably failing at both.  I know,  poor me…..

At any rate,  meeting over,  I headed straight for the Machipongo Trading Company  (  to get a fix for what ailed me.  Fortunately,  it is less than five minutes from our Rt. 13  office and I soon found myself in this cozy, colorful little store,  considering the various  ways of getting some caffeine going,  asap.  Plenty of  coffee choices to be had– cold or hot ,  Au Lait,  Latte,  Cappuccino or  Espresso,  iced regular or iced decaf,  Frozen Espresso,   High Mud Espresso and the beat goes on.   But the  really intriguing offering was  the  “Depth Charge”  !    I’m guessing  it is  designed to wake one up clear down to the very bone  marrow !    The “Red Eye  Depth Charge”  consists of  a shot of Impact Espresso in your choice of coffee.  The  “Black  Eye Depth Charge”  is a double whammy of  two shots of  Impact Espresso in your choice of coffee.   I contemplated both the Red Eye and the Black Eye but,  in the end,  I chickened out and went for the “Fog  Cutter”  coffee instead,  it  sounded like a  kinder and gentler version of   just what my fogged- in brain needed !  

I should mention that in addition  to coffee and tea,   Monday through Sunday mornings,   Machipongo Trading Company  serves a very tasty  breakfast . ( They also offer smoothies,  luscious bakery items and an  excellent lunch menu plus local art and herbal soaps but that will be for another post. )  Choose your  bread,  bagel or English  muffin,  add your choice of a  good cheese and then pile on AJ’s  homemade sausage,  bacon,  eggs,   lox,  etc. and you have  an excellent breakfast,  eat in or carry out.   I especially love AJ”s sausage,  made with lots of sage and other seasonings,  perfect with scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese piled onto  a toasted English muffin.   Munch, munch,  never mind the calories !     So although I opted out of being bombarded by the  “Depth Charge”,   nevertheless the Fog Cutter did its job,  the rumbling tum was sated by an AJ sausage sandwich and life looked  good once more !

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