Have You Seen The Muffin Man, The Muffin Man, The Muffin Man ?

by: Marlene email

How many tens of  millions of  toddlers over the ages may have sung this Mother Goose song,  I wonder ?   At any rate we have do have a Muffin Man— well, actually a Muffin Lady— right  here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.   And you’ll find Beth Flynn,  in her sweet glory,  not  in  Drury Lane,  but  in  the Yellow Duck.   That would, of course,  be The Yellow Duck  Bakery Cafe  on Main Street in Exmore,  Virginia.

What I can never figure out is why Yellow Duck’s  muffins always taste better than my muffins !   I consider myself pretty handy with a baking pan when I’m in the mood but mine never seem to be as good.  (It’s like fried rice-  why is fried rice always,  always better from a Chinese restaurant  than what one  prepares  at home ?   It’s like a  Law of  Nature or something !  Or maybe it’s  just me…. )   Anyway, Yellow Duck also offers scones,  cakes  (including some excellent cheesecakes and beautifully decorated special occasion cakes ),  pies   and pastries but  the headline attractions are its 36 varieties of delicious muffins.  ( www.yellowduckcafe.com  )   Quack if you like muffins ! 

 Watching calories or sugar ?    Not  to worry —  you can choose from their three no-sugar varieties,  including  the  “Morning  Muffin”,  my husband’s favorite.   I,  of course,  have many favorites.  Quack, quack, quack !   Hard to choose between the cranberry orange,  the blueberry crunch,  the lemon poppy or the toasted almond,   maybe  pumpkin with a cream cheese filling.   And when one cannot decide,  there is only one solution — just  get one of each !  ( Which is why I try not to drop by Yellow Duck  too often– too much temptation,  too little will power ! )   And  when I arrive at  the office toting  a large white bakery box with a  Yellow Duck sticker,  you should see the anticipatory  grins and the eager outstretched hands — –  it’s a Muffin Morning at Blue Heron Realty Co. ,  the start of a quacking  good day !

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