Gemini Magic

by: Marlene email

On Friday evening,  in the Sinatra Room at Little Italy restaurant   ( )  in Nassawadox, Virginia  over a hundred kids and parents were on hand to see  the magic of  Gemini.   Ever a skeptic,  I hoped  my three grandchildren, ages 5,  7 and 8,  would  have a great time but expected to be pretty  bored myself.   Au contrarie,  mon amis,   all the adults,  myself included,  had a really good time,   if  lots of laughter and applause are reliable indicators.   And the kids just absolutely loved it ! 

Dinner in the dining room came first.   Pizza,  the official food of  kids everywhere,  and salad all around— everyone happily finished  their food  and  no drinks were spilled  (courtesy of  Little Italy’s special  kid’s cups)  so I would rate dinner as a complete success.  Then down the hall  to the Sinatra Room — we had a front row table with  a clear,  up-close  view of  the stage which had a sort of bell,  book and candle setting.   Before long,  courtesy of  Franco, owner/chef  turned stagehand- for- the- night,  the room lights came down,  the stage  lights came up and  the music started.   Gemini came sauntering out,  lit the candle  and we were off  to an hour and a half  of  pure fun.

After a few magic tricks,  including burning things and making them re-appear unscathed,  came the first of several very popular audience participation tricks and antics.   My 7  year old grandaughter was dressed in a sweet little white dress with pink and yellow flowers and wore a  very pretty new pink sweater — and it was her new pink sweater that Gemini came down from the stage and asked to borrow !   I could see the internal struggle,  she really didn’t want to let the sweater go but  she didn’t want to say no either.   So back up on the stage went Gemini,  with the sweater,  which became part of  a fire trick,  appearing at every turn that it would definately go up in flames.  Eyes got bigger and bigger,  kids were literally holding their breath to see  if  that sweater was going to burst  into fire.   Of course,  it was returned unharmed and Gemini  was on to his  next trick.

Although magic tricks are the foundation of  his act,  Gemini is like a one-man band — he’s a comedian, a ventriliquist  and a magician rolled into one cohesive show,  plus  two  birds and  a bunny !   Over-all,  I think the favorite was an audience participation trick  featuring  two younger and two older kids  selected to come up on stage where they then donned the funniest rubber masks of  adult faces and became a part of several cute magic tricks.   The incongruence of these cute kids and  those funny, funny adult masks was so hilarious– kids and adults alike just roared with laughter and more laughter !  

Gemini  continued  with three  funny ventriliquist skits– the one with  the Godfather dummy was especially good,  he really had Marlon Brando’s voice down pat .  The show  ended with lots of applause- –  clearly everyone had enjoyed a great time !   But then,  to the kid’s  delight,  he brought the two birds and the bunny down into  the audience for everyone  to see and pet,  up close and personal.   Gracious about autographs  and  happy to pose for pictures with the kids,  Gemini brought the evening to a delightful close.   It was magic,  Gemini magic.

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