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Pink tree bay storage( This is a repost from 🌱Spring, 2019. Like everyone else, Blue Heron has been getting organized for #SocialDistancing with little time for photo 📷 taking. ) But, especially now, we all need to take a little cheer where it appears. Since 🌹Spring brings a whole Universe of Pink 🌸 to Virginia’s Eastern Shore 🌊 we decided to repost these beautiful Shore Spring photos. And when we say Pink we mean the whole Pink color 🌸🌺 🌷💐spectrum- – from fuchsia, magenta, rouge and softest rose to barely blushing apple blossom. (Need we say more, it’s truly Pink ! ) And we love it, because of course, Pink is the universal color of 💗love. So, blossoms blazing everywhere…. in yards, along roads, by offices and in woodlands, a special Spring ❤️ Valentine straight from Mother Nature.

And of course, there are other showy Spring colors, the sunny green 🌱stems and yellows and oranges of daffodil blooms, and jonquils, the Bradford pear trees 🌳with myriad white blossoms covering the entire tree with a snow- like blanket. Or the tiny dogwoods with delicate yellow centered blooms, variegated white and red 🌺 camellias, lavender azaleas, lilac- colored 💜laurels, all contributing to the joyful celebration of Spring. So ….Keep Calm, Spring has Sprung ! To borrow a phrase – Live in the Sunshine 🌞, Swim the Sea 🌊Drink the Wild Air 🌬! Because it’s Spring on the Eastern Shore 🌊 and even the Coronavirus can’t stop Mother Nature from showing her true colors 🌈!

Lynn Allium Cherry with sun







Close up Cherry Close up Blossoms







Bay Creek Entry Bayside Village







Jonquils Lynn Allium







Gerry's Forsythia Sunset with Pear

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