Investigate the Eastern Shore Of Virginia Concept of Buying Beach Access vs. Beachfront Properties — It Might Be Perfect for You !

by: Marlene email

Garden by the sea, a beach access home

Naturally, many people considering buying beach property on the Eastern Shore of  Virginia would love to live right smack dab on the beachfront.  But if  the budget says  “no,no,no”  but the beachcomber in you is saying  “yes,yes,yes”  and is just ready to bust out,  then it’s time to look at some of  our  great beach access buys.  “Beach access”  property  is a home or lot which has deeded beach access but  is not directly on the beach. In general, our  Virginia’s Eastern Shore  beach access properties are just across the street and within an easy walk  of  the beach.  You will gain substantial savings on the price which compensates for the absence of views.  In terms of  enjoying a beach lifestyle  there really is not that much difference.  You can still enjoy swimming,  beach combing,  sitting in your deck chair on the beach catching a few rays  ( which reminds me of a little joke my 7 year old grandson likes to tell: If the sun owned a restaurant, what would it be called ? Rays, duh !),  strolling in the moonlight,  jogging at dawn, whatever catches your fancy is generally permissible with deeded beach access. The home pictured above is a great  example of  a terrific beach access property– excellent  price, beautiful home.

Endless beach combing

Located in one of our upscale beach communities, this top quality brick home is less than a five minute walk to the  beautiful neighborhood private sand beach,  available only to residents and guests.  Like new,  it features 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths,  an acre and a half of land,  includes  a swimming pool.  And very attractively priced,  about half to a third of the cost of most beachfront homes here.  ( Like more information about the home described here ?  Please call Eva Noonan,  757- 331-4885. )  If you have been thinking that the sweet beach life would be perfect for you,   you may want to consider some of our attractively priced beach access homes.

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