Now Is A Great Time To Buy Virginia Real Estate– Come Take Advantage of Virginia’s Eastern Shore Great Real Estate Deals At Today’s Attractive Prices And Amazingly Low Mortgage Rates

by: Marlene email

When I think back on my real estate career,  I cannot remember a time when the stars were so favorably aligned for getting both  a fabulous deal  AND  an amazingly low mortgage rate.  (Remembering back to my salad years of the mid- 1970’s,  when prices took a drop then,  mortgage rates were about 12-14%.   The price drops of the early 1990’s  saw mortgage rates of  8-10%. )  One of the advantages of being  “older and wiser”  is that I believe can recognize a great time to buy when I see one.  And I’m seeing one now !

Like most other areas,  the Eastern Shore of Virginia  has  been effected by  the  real estate downturn.  We have had very few  waterfront  home  foreclosures —  attractive short sale opportunities have been more likely.  Since a number of the folks who are purchasing waterfront and water access properties here are doing so for retirement purposes,  a purchase here often necessitates a sale of their primary residence in another state.  And as Sherlock Holmes  would say,  my dear Watson,  it is elementary  that therein problems may arise.  Because,  of course,  many other areas have been quite hard hit and so selling a home elsewhere may take a while.   The  ” I need to sell my home first”  phenomena  has created a current situation where sellers who are motivated may accept offers which are very attractive from  buyers  who are  ready and able  to purchase without having to first sell a property elsewhere. 

Combine a motivated seller with a ready and able buyer and voila !  a prescription  exists for getting a great deal on purchasing a property here.   Which,  of course, explains why buyers who have already sold their home,  or who are purchasing for leisure home use and therefore don’t have to sell  something elsewhere,  are finding some really, really  attractive purchase opportunities !   Combine these great purchase prices  with the amazingly low  mortgage rates ( in the  5%  range  or even somewhat less) and  you can clearly see why buyers are getting the deals of a lifetime,  right  here and right now !!!  So whether you’re looking for a beach house,  a boating property, a historic home,  a water access home or a condo give us a call  at   (757-678-5200) for information about some of our latest and greatest deals on single family homes,  condos or  land parcels —  it really is time to take advantage of the Eastern Shore of  Virginia’s  great real estate deals at  today’s amazingly low mortgage rates !


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