The Cape Charles Golf Cart Parade

by: Marlene email

July 4th 2010

Like most people, I’ve been to a lot of   parades  in my life,  both large and small, most of them colorful and fun, sprightly, with plenty of loud John Phillip Sousa  for good measure  ( which I dearly love) , but I had never been to a parade which featured gussied  up golf carts until this past 4th of July !  It was part of  a 3 day  week-end we spent at a friend’s  beach home on Bay Avenue in Cape Charles, Virginia  together with various family members on various days.   We woke up early to take our dogs for a walk before all the hustle and bustle of the set-up preparations for the concession stands, artist’s tents,  bouncy houses ,etc. which were going to line the  west side of Bay Avenue,  the Cape Charles waterfront boulevard.  The parade would take place on the east side of the street  and we were all lined up on the porch ready to enjoy our 50 yard line views, munching down on ice cold chunks of ruby red watermelon, the official fruit  of the 2010  Fourth of July, ( southern style  BBQ  and potato salad being the official foods of the 2010 Fourth of July.)


 First in line , of course, was  the Grand Marshall,  followed by  the Color Guard of the U.S.  Coast Guard, Cape Charles Station, looking spiffy and marching ramrod straight.  (Guys and gals, we’re proud of you.)  Then, of course, the various fire and rescue companies with both new and antique equipment, flags waving broadly, horns  honking (actually,  horns blasting),  drivers and crew smiling and waving back to all the friends,  neighbors and visitors  lining the street  to see the parade.  And next,  my favorite of the day, the  golf cart parade. Uniquely, golf carts are street-legal in Cape Charles, and literally dozens of golf carts of all sizes and persuasions were dressed up in their best finery, each one in its turn proudly stopping in front of the review stand (The Gazebo, of course)  for the Mistress of Ceremonies , Trina Veber,  to read aloud  the particulars of each participant . 

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

Boldly decorated, with  smiling owners and passengers, these cute little eco vehicles delighted on-lookers as they paraded  on down Bay Avenue,  throwing  out wrapped hard candies  to thrilled youngsters along the way including, by my side (now off the porch onto  the sidewalk, the better to take advantage of all the candy action),  our two youngest grandsons who smiled from ear to ear as they caught grand  prizes of hot cinnamon Jaw Breakers  and guaranteed to wreak your teeth  little rolls of  Sweet Tarts !  What fun they already had and still all the concession stands with cotton candy, cool Italian Ices, grilled sausages with peppers and onions,  funnel cakes (my husband’s favorite) , game booths with prizes,  bouncy houses shaped like dogs, etc., etc  to look forward to for the rest of the afternoon.  And at dark,  the brilliant colors and booming sounds (which frightened  one of our dogs  so much she had to be put back  in the house)  of the annual fireworks show.  It was well done as ever ( although we don’t live in Cape Charles we are only 20 minutes away and usually try to attend).  Afterwords we lingered on the porch for a while,  just enjoying the little hustle bustle  of the activities winding down,  a relaxing end to a wonderful day.

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