Stocks and Bonds May Come and Go But Waterfront Land Is Forever

by: Marlene email

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Many people who stop into our real estate office on Rt.13 in  Machipongo, Virginia for a copy of the Blue Heron Realty Co’s. free waterfront catalogue  (request a copy at 757-678-5200 or at )  have never really thought about buying a piece of  land and actually hiring a general contractor to build  their dream home instead of  just  buying an existing home.  Certainly many have toured builder’s model homes , this being the most common way to acquire a brand new home, complete with your own paint colors and carpet selections, etc.   But very few people live in areas where it is possible to find a nice lot or large parcel of land that hasn’t been taken by builders for homes they will construct for their own inventory.  Indeed, in other areas of the country  neighborhoods are generally developed by  builders  with the requirement that if you purchase a lot in that neighborhood then you must use that specific builder for your home construction.  Indeed, many even have a specific time frame in which your home construction must begin.

Things are pleasantly different here on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Except for a large golf community which allows only their own authorized builders , the rest of the Eastern Shore is a series of small, intimate neighborhoods, usually centered around a water amenity offering a real coastal lifestyle to those who live here.   These neighborhoods started off with the sale of the lots to individuals who wanted to secure a lot they loved with a  plan to have a custom house built on their lot in the future when they were ready for a leisure or full-time home here.  No time frame was imposed for beginning construction.  Lots of folks have purchased land  here for a leisure,  retirement or full-time  home  that might not be constructed  for years into the future  but  when they found the perfect lot  they wanted to secure it. Many buyers feel that this is  the best of both worlds– find the perfect lot  and then have plenty of time to plan for the exact features they wanted to incorporate in their future home.  

That tradition still continues today — great opportunities available to purchase a beautiful waterfront or water access lot now and build only when ready.  And because most of  our  builders here are custom home builders, ready to  build individual homes on lots owned by their customers, (as contrasted to “spec” builders who buy  lots  for their building company to build a home for resale)   the Eastern Shore of Virginia continues to have  that unusual commodity mostly unavailable elsewhere.  Here you can easily purchase an  individual lot,  large and small, waterfront or  water-access , in-town or in the country, beach, boating or golf oriented,  for sale at today’s attractive prices  to those who want the best of  both worlds — the perfect lot for construction of  their dream custom home.   And best of all,  unlike mercurial stocks and bonds  ( think Enron,  Lehman Brothers or BP ),  your land will always be here, waiting for you.   Build on it now or much later,  keep it for your estate or hold it for investment and resell it,  whatever your goals,   land is  truly rock solid   (no pun intended)  and a place where you can invest not only with your wallet but with your heart.


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