Thinking About Buying Property And Living In Virginia ? I Love the Eastern Shore’s “Town & Country” Lifestyle

by: Gerry email

The Eastern Shore  of Virginia is one of the last areas on the East Coast where you can buy a property which offers a  relaxed, rural coastal  lifestyle  and yet is only 20 minutes to an hour  from the cosmopolitan amenities in Hampton Roads.  The 32nd largest metropolitan area in the U.S.,  Hampton Roads is  a catch-all term for the contiguous  cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth.   From the southern tip of  Virginia’s  Eastern Shore , the city of  Virginia Beach is only about 15  minutes away, separated from the Shore by the famous Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel.  Making that trip is like moving  from yesteryear to today in 15 minutes.  

Having  moved here from Virginia Beach more than 20 years ago,  my only regrets are that I didn’t move to the Shore sooner.  I’m  always struck by  how I enjoy my  relaxed  life here on the Eastern Shore  yet how easily I can slip over to Virginia Beach  on the spur of the moment and partake of  the myriad of cultural events and other  opportunities only available in a metro area.  It’s  like having  my cake and eating  it too.  I still have many friends  in Virginia Beach  and it’s always fun to slip over for the day and  have lunch with a friend at Saffron  ( my favorite Indian restaurant and home to the best ever chicken tikka masala plus Kashmiri bread stuffed with coconut, cherries and pastachios for dessert) or maybe indulge at Aldos’  (with their scrumptious penne with vodka sauce followed by a freshly made Napoleon ) .  Afterwards  maybe a  little look-see at Macy’s or Nordstrum’s,  a quick stop at Trader Joes  for  fresh pressed almond butter or maybe their nice feta  and then I’m ready to head  home to the Eastern Shore.   Home is a casual  farmhouse  on five spacious acres, out  in the country yet just 15 minutes from all the activities  and shopping at Cape Charles.  My horse,  Wildfire ,  AKA Wiley, is boarded on a several hundred acre farm less than 20 minutes from my house.   I love the convenience of being able to slip down and see him anytime.  So it’s great to visit Virginia Beach but I know for sure where “home,  sweet home”  is located and that is on the unique and beautiful   Eastern Shore of Virginia.


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