Kiteboarding in Cape Charles Is On My Bucket List

by: Jennifer email

Whenever I’m in town with my kids we usually take a few  minutes  to stroll the Cape Charles boardwalk because something interesting is always going on there . You just never know what you’ll get to see but chances are if there is a good wind,  chances are you’ll see some folks kiteboarding off the Cape Charles town beach.  Getting to watch the athletic grace of kitesurfing at sunset is unexpected treat.

Kiteboarding in Cape Charles

The terms “Kiteboarding” or “Kitesurfing”  are used  interchangeably when discussing this internationally popular sport. ( Here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia it’s always referred to as Kiteboarding. )  If you’ve never had the pleasure of watching  someone kiteboard, it’s done by using  a huge colorful kite that looks like a skydiving parachute to harness the wind and lift yourself up onto the board and just sail off. With speeds of up to 50+ miles per hour it’s definitely not for the faint of heart ! Kiteboarding is a great alternative for locations like Cape Charles that do not have the super big waves needed for conventional surfing. 

The picture shows Erin Harvey having a great time Kiteboarding off the Cape Charles beach.  After watching several exciting sessions, my sons and I agree that we are all interested in learning to Kiteboard !  Erin has assured me that I can  do it, though I must admit I’m a little more than apprehensive about it.  I suppose that is what taking instruction is for and it really does it look like fun.  Definitely on our  bucket list.

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