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The Kellogg House In Cape Charles Where I Raised my Children – Listing It For Sale ! Part 1

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

The Historic Kellogg House in Cape Charles, VA

A career in real estate, I can honestly testify,  is full of surprising twists and turns.  After almost forty years of service to buyers and sellers, I have experienced my share of deja vu experiences,  close calls and even seemingly perfect miracles.  Twenty-five years ago I happened upon the Eastern Shore of Virginia on a lark,  a visit during which I made a life altering decision to relocate my children here from our  home in Sandbridge  in Virginia Beach. I was a single dad raising five children at the time  and between my work and my shorthanded approach to parenthood,  I felt like I was losing control of my family. Even in idyllic Sandbridge,  the big city was eating my children alive,  starting with my 18 year old son who was on the verge of  turning into a bonafide juvenile delinquent.  My discovery of this beautiful rural community surrounded by water appeared to be my ticket to a different lifestyle,  a place where I could change the scenery,  a place which could revitalize my family life and bring my children closer together under my supervision.  Two years passed while I studied the situation on the Eastern Shore,  trying to figure out exactly where to move and what I would do for gainful employment.  

A Fireplace Hearth to Warm Our Friends Hearts

A  friend on the Shore phoned in March of 1990 to let me know of an exciting new listing on the market in Cape Charles,  the historic Kellogg House,  so I made plans to check it out.  To make a very long story quite short,  it turned out to be the house of my dreams,  a true mansion in every respect!   Being sold by an estate which was firm on price and terms,  I was forced to contract for a purchase with no contingencies.  Talk about stepping out in faith,  I drove home realizing that if this was meant to be then I would need to sell my home in Sandbridge,  sell my business in Virginia Beach  and re-establish myself here on the Eastern Shore in Cape Charles.  And,  miracle of all miracles,  it all came together without a hitch !

The Entry Hall, Grand Staircase, and Dining Room China Cupboard At Kellogg House

And so we all moved to the big brick mansion at 644 Monroe Avenue in Cape Charles, historic Kellogg House,  the wonderful home where all four of my remaining children grew to maturity,  graduated from high school  and went off to college.  I remember packing my last two children,  identical twin boys,  off to Virginia Tech,  dropping them each in their respective dorm rooms and making the long,  five-hour drive back home with tears in my eyes.  For the next three months I came home from my nearby office selling Eastern Shore real estate to a big, dark, empty, quiet home with no one to talk to, no one to cook for, no one to beg for allowance money.  I just about lost my mind while I bounced around this old mansion of a home where childrens’  laughter used to echo off the plaster walls and pounding feet sounded like a herd of elephants running up and down the wide central staircase.

The Long and Sandy Lane To My Eastern Shore Waterfront Home

Then one day,  while out driving  on beautiful Church Neck,  I happened upon an old gentleman planting a  sign in the ground by the road.  I slammed on the brakes, threw the gear in reverse  and caught the old man before he could get back in his truck. “What are you selling ?”  I asked him. “My house,” he replied, “back there.” He jerked his thumb over his shoulder, but in the distance all I could see was a long, sandy lane disappearing behind the farm fields into the forest. He said to follow him and he climbed back in his pick-up truck and started down the lane. I followed through fields and woods, over hill and dale. We drove a half mile back until we came upon a clearing where I could get a peek at the head of  Westerhouse Creek, a colorful saltwater inlet from the Chesapeake Bay. By that time I was completely mesmerized by the beautiful approach to his waterfront home and its wooded setting up high over the lovely little estuary.

Love at First Sight!

Both of us dismounted from our vehicles and gazed out towards the water.  Could I look at this waterfront property to buy it,  I inquired ?  His whole demeanor changed for the better and I took a  guided tour beginning with the view over the lovely little cove.  Fifteen minutes later, after touring the cute little cottage,  perfectly sized for my new status as an  “empty nester”,  we were standing between our trucks in the driveway and I asked him how much he wanted for the place – five acres of woodland between a fresh water pond and the salt water inlet from the Chesapeake Bay. He stated a price that I just could not refuse and we shook hands on the deal then and there !  I reached into my briefcase,  pulled out a blank contract form, and proceeded to fill it out right there on the hood.  We exchanged the pleasantries as  I filled in his name on the contract.  Some familiarity caused me to pause and look at him, and I said,  “You look mighty familiar.  Where have I seen you before ?”   He looked me in the eye and said,  “My picture is in the newspaper every Wednesday with my weekly column.”  Then it hit me, I exclaimed, “You’re the Randolph Walker who writes “On the Saltier Side!”  Just about choking over this revelation, I stammered, “and I’m buying your house!”  For years I had been avidly following his folksy column about retired life out in the Chesapeake Bay countryside.  Funny stories each one,  about the tug-of-war between his wanting to fish and hunt and his wife twisting him around her little finger to finish the chores.  I had salivated at his many colorful references to the waterfront home where they lived,  always thinking that it sounded like heaven to me,  but I had never known exactly where that place was.

At Play on Westerhouse Creek, A Chesapeake Bay Saltwater Inlet On Virginia's Eastern Shore

After signing the contract, I headed back out the long, wooded lane towards the paved road. Peeking up at the blue sky breaking through the treetops,  reality suddenly hit me – I had to sell my house in Cape Charles !!   Don’t you know,  it dawned on me that here was another one of those occasions that,  if it’s meant to be,  it will  be.  Over the next two weeks,  I worked as hard as I could,  contracting  people interested in Cape Charles real estate including calling  a friendly purchase prospect I had shown property to a few months earlier and offering her my big brick home  in Cape Charles for sale.  And she wanted it!  “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I sang up on high.

Paddling My Kayak Out To The Chesapeake Bay

Heading For The Chesapeake Bay-An Eastern Shore Paddler's Paradise

That was ten years ago, and my life in that cozy cottage  on Westerhouse Creek has been even better than I could have ever imagined that day.  Now,  I am back to square one again,  with the responsibility of finding another person who will appreciate the lovely historic home on Monroe Avenue as much I did,  and as much as my friend did when her purchase of  Kellogg House  from me helped me to buy my dreamboat place from the writer who stirred my soul.

Step Into A Slower Pace of Life By Purchasing A Beach Access Home On The Eastern Shore Of Virginia

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011
3 bedroom beach access home near Cape Charles, Virginia

Live The Sweet Beach Life In This Beach Access Home Near Cape Charles, Virginia

It’s nice to have the Virginia Eastern Shore alternative to the hectic pace of   life found in so many other areas.  If you’ve already done the bright lights,  loud music and hustle-bustle of city  life and are longing to own a property in a waterfront  area offering  a slower pace of life,  the  Eastern Shore alternative offers both yesteryear charm and a relaxed coastal atmosphere.  Dotted with little villages founded in Virginia’s  Colonial era and  small Victorian towns packed with history,  our area is clearly a great place for  history buffs.  But our great asset is our shoreline,  miles and miles and miles of beautiful saltwater shoreline,  a boater’s delight and  a fishing paradise.   But if  what you really love is a pristine beach,  swimming and beachcombing,  then a beach access home on Virginia’s Eastern Shore may be just  the thing to bring out your Inner Mermaid.

Chesapeake Bay Sunsets Every Evening, A Free Show By Mother Nature

If you are looking for the inspiration and relaxation that can come with owning a beach home,  look no further than this custom designed home  by the Sater architectural group,  ( ),   a leading designer of  award winning homes throughout the US.  Part of the Sater Cottage Collection,  this  3000 square foot,  3 bedroom,  2 and a half bath home  built in 2006 is absolutely just like new.   Top quality materials building materials  including granite counters in the kitchen and hardwood and ceramic floors throughout, recessed lighting and a wonderful window package.  Perfect for entertaining and guests,  this home  features a well flowing  floor plan and boasts  two master suites with balconies and french doors. The emphasis in this home is on comfortable and casual living,  care-free and very  low maintenance.  The exterior is Hardie Board  ( )  which  is an amazing  low maintenance material with a most  attractive appearance.  Sited on approximately 1 acre, the property also incorporates  low maintenance landscaping.  Located in a tiny upscale beach neighborhood about 10 minutes from the quaint Victorian town of  Cape Charles, Virginia this deeded beach access home is within easy walking distance of the wide sandy neighborhood beach.  And while you are out on the beach,  plan to set some time aside to enjoy the blazing sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay,  a nightly show of spectacular, intense  color.  Listed by Blue Heron Realty Co.  ( ) at  just under $400,000,  this home is truly the perfect place to start exploring your Inner Mermaid– and just in time to make  Summer  2011  the  slow paced yet  exciting sweet- beach- life  summer you’ve always dreamed of  !

Our Historic Homes For Sale – Enjoy The Romance Of Living In A Yesteryear Home On Virginia’s Eastern Shore

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Grand Old Homes Along The Beachfront

If you are thinking of buying a historic home on the  Eastern Shore of Virginia,  you’ll be happy to know that most  of the older  homes here have not been razed to build something modern but instead have been lovingly restored.   As a consequence,  for our size and low density population,  the Eastern Shore of Virginia boasts  a  substantial number of beautifully renovated and modernized  Victorian era or older  homes.  And some spectacular historic real estate on the Eastern Shore of Virginia is  for currently sale at very attractive prices.  ( Check out our historic home listings on the web at .)

  Indeed,  several of  our little Northampton County towns,  including Cape Charles, Virginia  and Cheriton, Virginia,  were  actually founded around the late 1800’s  and their  architecture consists substantially of   Victorian style homes along with Georgian Revival,  America Four Square, etc..

The Amazing 17 Mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel

Now for a   brief history lesson…  Discovered in 1608,  with English settlements dating from the  1620’s,  the Eastern Shore of Virginia  was,  for a long time,  geographically very isolated.  Farming and seafood were the economic engines and remain important  today.  Travel to mainland Virginia was by boat trip across the Chesapeake Bay,  a very substantial trip.  ( Even today,  most locals here say “I’m going across the Bay today” rather than “I’m going to Virginia Beach/etc. today”,   a throw-back to the days before the construction of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel when traveling across the Bay by boat was lengthy and possibly arduous.   If a sudden storm were to come  up   “going across the Bay”  back then was a pretty big deal.  Now , with the truly amazing 17 mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge,  ( ) this previously difficult  journey has been reduced to a scenic 15 minute car ride. )  Families tended to stay on the Shore and on the farm because,  back in the day,  farming and seafood here were both very, very lucrative.  Beautiful homes were built,  both in-town and out on the farms  and these homes were passed down through the generations.  Today,  neither farming nor seafood is quite so appealing and some farms and and a number of lovely historic homes in our towns have been purchased by people  moving here from out of the area,  as my family and I did,  to enjoy the Eastern Shore’s relaxed, coastal way of  life.   The point of this being that homes that have been torn down in other areas to build new developments have generally been renovated and restored here,  enabling the Eastern Shore of Virginia to retain a certain romance,   a true sense of yesteryear that many other rural areas have already lost.( )

5 Bedroom, 5 & 1/2 Bath, 3000 Square Foot Historic Craftsman Cottage Style Home

Two very different examples of  historic homes for sale on Virginia’s Eastern Shore include a beautiful  in-town Craftsman cottage style home built in 1913  and an amazing waterfront historic home,  situated on five acres in the country,  the earliest section of which was built in the late 1600’s.    The Craftsman cottage style home ( ) ,  has been meticulously restored,  with over  3000 square feet,  featuring  five bedrooms and five and a half  baths,  located only about 500 feet from the wide sandy beach in the quaint coastal town of Cape Charles, Virginia with amenities like beach,  golf and marinas.  Shown on HGTV’s  “If Walls Could Talk” ,  it’s  currently serving as a very successful B&B.   However,  its open, airy floor plan and modern conveniences  will make it a wonderful personal residence,  offering great entertaining spaces.  Friends and relatives— come on down !   All the  “must have”  historic treatments are here — ten foot ceilings,  raised panel doors,  wainscoating,  columned room dividers, moldings, etc.  Walk to the beach in 30 seconds,  enjoy water views  and dazzling sunsets from the huge  front porch.  Golf carts are  “street legal”  in Cape Charles so you can  “go-green”  and zip over to the Cape Charles Coffee House,  etc.  for lunch in your electric cart.  Offered at $585,000,  this fine home can be a wonderful personal residence or kept  as a B&B,  the perfect opportunity to have a home business.


On the other end of the spectrum is the nearly 4000 sq. ft.  “Wellington House”,   located on the water  in the country about 20 minutes from Cape Charles.  Situated  on a colorful, deep saltwater inlet from the Chesapeake Bay,  this amazing four bedroom, three bath home  with an existing backyard dock  is a rare opportunity to marry a love of  historic homes with a love of  boating.   An absolute gem,  built of  brick,  Flemish bond style,  this home’s earliest section dates back to the late 1600’s .  When you enter the original quarter kitchen with its huge hearth and beams, used now as a sitting room,  it’s like going back in time to the Colonial days.  High ceilings,  additional  fireplaces and wide plank floors throughout lend this special home an authenticity and ambience that few historic homes can rival.   Add to that its amazing waterviews,  backyard pier for a  boat  and the seclusion offered by its five acre size and it totals one terrific historic home,  all this offered at the attractive price of $1,495,000.  


We’ll have more posts soon about the opportunites to purchase historic real estate  on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  In the meantime,  some of our unique historic home for sale listings can be viewed at  with prices  starting at $199,000  to over $3,500,000 for a home on 100+ acres.